Course Costs

Course costs for ACE Project Systems corporate training are all for groups of up to 7 people. Costs exclude GST and any and all expenses.

Course notes are $75 per student, or a .pdf file can be emailed for you to print for each student. Notes come in A5 (A4 folded) format printed in colour with a cardboard cover.

Costs for individuals on ACE training or Brightstar courses are set by them.

Costs are:
$2,000 +GST for up to 7 people excluding expenses per day. Auckland CBD or Auckland North Shore free, all other areas $125/hour travel time (includes mileage) plus any airfares and accommodation.
Additional people are an extra $285 each.
Courses are all held on your site.


Free support via email is provided for any questions arising from training provided. Other free material may also be provided for download from this site depending on the course.