Microsoft Project Training

ACE Project Systems is a specialist in training people to use Microsoft Project. Our point of difference is that our trainers spend most of their time planning projects and using Microsoft Project to successfully complete real projects. Most trainers simply teach features and have never used Microsoft Project on a real project.

Our courses teach you tips, tricks and essential practices direct from the coal face. We don't teach features that aren't useful but we do teach you how to solve scheduling problems such as "what's changed since last week?", how to create the most useful critical path?" and many more.

As a starting point, there is the one day Task Scheduling course, followed by Resource Scheduling. Once you know the material in both and have at least 6 months solid experience getting stuck, then our Master Class is for you.

The Master Class is us teaching you everything you ever wanted to know, good scheduling practices and how to use Microsoft Project to support them.

We also run a one day course on pure scheduling, so if your project managers or schedulers aren't experienced schedulers, the Scheduling made easy course is for them.

We come to you for training, up to 8 people is good.