ProjectReporter - Multi-project reporting tool

Do you have multiple Microsoft Project .mpp files? Do you need a low cost, low tech, high added value project reporting tool? Then ProjectReporter will help you, click here for a list of business benefits ProjectReporter provides. ProjectReporter is made up of three components:

  1. In Project Professional or Standard 2007 or later, a VBA macro that exports the data for the active project to SQL Server, purely for reporting purposes. You continue to use your usual .mpp files.
  2. A database in SQL Server to hold a copy your project data for reporting purposes. You can either use SQL Express or any existing SQL Server instance you already have.
  3. Excel templates for weekly reports and administration tools to help manage calendars and Resource rates etc.

Once the data is published to SQL Server, your own reporting tools can create whatever reports you need, including for 4-4-5 financial months and more.

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The Microsoft Project Component comes either as a protected VBA Macro or as a Microsoft Project add-in. A ProjectReporter menu provides access to the various commands such as publish to SQL Server, import Resources, update calendars and more.

The database stores selected project information in a data format best suited for reporting using whatever reporting tools you have (Excel is a great reporting tool!). By adding extra fields to the various tables (Project, Task, Resource etc.) ProjectReporter automatically copies any field of the same name. For example if a field named Text10 is added to the Tasks table, data in the Text10 column in Project is copied for every task in all subsequent publishes.

Views can be created to rename any fields to suit your reporting needs and database security manages who can see what information.

An Excel Weekly report is part of ProjectReporter. Not only does it report on data for a nominated project, but it allows the capture of Risks, Issues, Actions, Decisions and Change Requests which are also uploaded into the database at the click of a button.

An Admin Workbook captures calendar exceptions for base Calendars (such as the Standard Calendar) and any Resource Calendars. Clicking a button saves the data to the database from where it can update projects by selecting the relevant command in the ProjectReporter menu in Microsoft Project.

By building the ProjectReporter solution from basic, standard components (SQL Server database, Excel, VBA macros) you get a very flexible and customisable solution. Talk to us about your needs.

The cost for ProjectReporter Standard is $2,000+GST for a server install and any number of users connecting to that SQL Server instance. ProjectReporter Pro includes a timesheets module to collect timesheet data in Excel from team members then automatically update relevant project files. ProjectReporterPro's price is $3,000+GST for any one SQL Server instance, but expect to pay for imlmentation time and some customisation as timesheet systems need to match how you work and record time.

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