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Excel VBA Macro Development

All Microsoft Office applications have a macro language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA can be used for many things: adding functionality, manipulating data, reading and writing to a database and much more.

ACE Project Systems provides VBA services for Microsoft Excel. We can also write add-ins for Excel and help build and work with SQL Server databases.

VBA for any of the Office applications can control everything in all other applications: seamlessly. So if you need the power of Project and Excel combined, or Excel and Word then we can develop a solution for you.

Excel VBA

Excel is the world's best reporting and analysis tool. Rod Gill uses Excel VBA extensively for creating reports on projects either directly from Microsoft Project or from databases. He is almost as good with Excel VBA as Project VBA!

Reasons for Excel VBA development

  • You have a repetitive action such as printing the same list of reports in the same format. Automate the printing to save time.
  • You need to enforce data accuracy standards so develop a macro to check data is accurate, correctly formatted and values are where they should be.
  • You need to share data with other systems so a macro can read and write to databases, text files or other Office applications directly.
  • You have corporate data in a database and need subsets of that data imported and formatted for a report or for further manipulation and what-if analysis. An Excel VBA macro can do all this and more.

But there's more. Excel VBA and read-write to Word, PowerPoint and Project so sharing data or combining the functionality of all applications as one tool is easy.

It's more of a question of "What do I want to do?" rather than "What can I do?"