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Project VBA Macros - making your work easier

Microsoft Project is a great tool, but sometimes it just needs something a little bit extra. We have worked on some big schedules and programs of schedules. Below are a number of macros that have made our work quicker and easier that are now available for you to benefit from as well.

Four of the following macros are free. The rest do have a price, but it is far less than the cost of manually doing the work the macro replaces or of writing even part of them youself. So these macros either save their cost every time you use them or greatly enhance your project reporting capability, or both.

We have more macros in the pipeline, so be sure to check back soon for more productivity boosters. Meanwhile have a look at our current offerings that will help you get more done for less effort:

  • Recalculate Assignment Units. Project 2010 onwards made life awkward for all schedulers editing resource assignemnts. Units stopped showing the latest value, miss-communicating what resource availability is required. The Recalculate Assignment Units macro redisplays all units as remaining units: the units required to complete the assignment. FREE
    Find out more on the recalculate assignment units macro here.
  • Scroll Gantt Chart is a simple but useful macro that when you open your project it scrolls the timescale to today's date. FREE
    Find out more on the scroll Gantt Chart macro here.
  • Format duration was a sample macro included in older versions of Project. It lets you change duration units to your preferred value. Microsoft dropped it, we've restored and improved it. FREE
    Find out more on the Format Duration macro here.
  • PERT Analysis is useful for calculating more realistic durations for tasks. This macro lets you default to percentages rather than specific values and lets you adjust the weighting for optimistic and pessimistic values. FREE
    Find out more on the PERT macro here.

As more and more of your reporting needs are automated,
the greater the incentive to maintain a more accurate and useful schedule.