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Project VBA Development

We are very experienced at producing Project Reporting Systems for large complex projects and programs of projects. Projects we have helped with, range from Marsden Point Oil Refinery upgrades to Ports of Auckland container automation to major land redevelopment projects, SAP implementations and many much smaller projects in different industries.
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Save P6 Data to SQL Server

Primavera P6 is not the most friendly application when it comes to sharing its data. Power BI and other business reporting tools work well with database and Excel data sources, but not with P6.
Copy P6 data and Paste into Excel. We have developed VBA to clean up P6 data then export it from Excel to SQL Server for access by Power BI reports.
Talk to us if you would like P6 data available for your Power BI reports.

Free Project VBA Macros

As a sample of the solutions we developer click HERE to download a few free samples.
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Excel VBA development

We are very experienced Excel VBA developers. From automatically formatting large extracts of data from other applications processing a number of text files ready for importing to other applciations, Excel VBA can make you and your team very productive.

Microsoft Project to SQL Server

Microsoft Project is a powerful tool, but sometimes you just need to see data from many projects at once and report with it in Power BI.
You can do this if you use Project Online, but if you only have the standalone version of Project then we can copy your data directly from Project into SQL Server.

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Read, Edit and Write data in SQL Server using Excel

If you have data in SQL Server and you need to read it, Edit it then update SQL Server our VBA macros let you do this. Excel is a familiar and popular tool so getting your data into Excel then being able to edit and save your changes is very productive. No need to pay for tools to chart, sort and pivot your data when Excel can do it for you.

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